UX/UI Case Study: Redesigning a Public Transportation App for a Large Touristic City

Many of those who visited Dubai know that its public transportation is far from being typical. There are many rules that are bound to the cultural background of the place. For example, did you know that men and women travel in separate carriages, and there are even the Golden Class carriages for the wealthier passengers? Or that you can only pay with a special Nol card for your ride?

Dealing with all those differences requires a friendly hand to help. Unfortunately, there is currently not much assistance on this matter. That’s the challenge our team decided to face and overcome as a way to find a mobile solution that might fit both this atypical kind of metro as well as propose a new concept of building a public transportation app for large as well as highly touristic cities.

Our case study describes the process our team went through when redesigning this app as well as defines its functionality based on the insights we derived along the way. Please, find it here: https://bravegeeks.team/portfolio/metro-dubai/


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