We are brave
enough to
make things

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From user stories and 
design to agile development 
with Java, C#, Swift and 

All work, all play

// Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Dubai Public Transportation App Concept

Redesign of public transportation app for a large touristic city. Balance and topping it up, navigation, and intelligent feed.

eSports TV App Concept

The goal of the project was to develop a concept of an app that would be more than just something convenient for eSports fans but bring eSports into every living room.


International real estate portal. Browse properties, contact agents, get notifications about new listings..


Real estate portal for Switzerland. Find properties to rent or buy, post your own properties.


Traffic ticket payment app. Notifies about new tickets, pays them in a minutes, stores history. Only available in Russia.


International real estate listing network. Lets real estate sites exchange listings and leads in 50+ countries. Provides statistics and analytics.


Utility payment solution for Russia. Works with more than 5,000 utility providers across the country.


Group purchasing service for Russia. Like a mini Kickstarter, but for everyday purchases like clothes and shoes.

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Things we love

// besides lightsabers and giant robots

Sophisticated projects

  • Highload
  • Big Data analysis and processing
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning
Only hardcore. Brave Geeks excel where most teams fall short.

Long-term projects

This refers to project scope as well as the type of relationships we love building with clients. Completing a full project cycle together (planning, production, maintenance, additional development). Our average project duration takes an average of six months


  • Helping define MVP
  • Collaborating on general project ideas
  • Making products highly scalable and maintainable
We know how to make a small (and fast) project that's strong enough to be the foundation of something bigger.
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What we do

// these are the droids you've been looking for
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We deal mostly with Java and C# projects, and we love both of these tech stacks. For smaller projects, we usually add JavaScript to the mix.
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BraveGeeks usually works with React, with Redux as a JavaScript framework for frontend development. We use ES9, the latest version of JavaScript, with Webpack, PostCSS, and Babel.
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We use Java for Android development and Swift for new iOS apps. We support existing Objective-C apps as well. We also have experience with C++, which we use for projects with special requirements.
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We usually use Sketch for UI/UX design, with Zeplin as our collaboration tool. We use Marvel or Invision for prototyping.
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We use Docker and Docker Swarm for infrastructure management and TeamCity for build management and continuous integration. BraveGeeks prefers Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and Google App Engine as a hosting cloud.


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