About us

//the usual stuff
We don't like listing all the impressive facts about ourselves. We believe that it's more important for us to share our way of thinking, our culture, and our values. But if you were expecting the usual impressive stuff, here it is:
14 years
of experience
45 geeks
in the team
97 %
ignore this block
7.6 ft
tall Chewbacca (Chewie)
721 shines
in first Star Trek
947.0 ft
length of USS Enterprise
114.0 ft
length of Millenium Falcon
8.2 m
population of Death Star I
79 moons
of Jupiter

Our nest

// no pic no proof


//why we do what we do


//why we do what we do
BraveGeeks was founded by a group of friends who shared a vision. We wanted to do great things while having a great time.

We wanted to create a culture-driven company that considers all employees equal partners, with all the subsequent benefits and responsibilities. We want our company to be a platform for all of us to pursue our passions and dreams.

This elevates us and the people we work with to a whole new level.

Things we love

// besides lightsabers and giant robots

Sophisticated projects

  • Highload
  • Big Data analysis and processing
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning

Only hardcore. Brave Geeks excel where most teams fall short.

Long-term projects

This refers to project scope as well as the type of relationships we love building with clients. Completing a full project cycle together (planning, production, maintenance, additional development) takes an average of six months.


  • Helping define MVP
  • Collaborating on general project ideas
  • Making the product highly scalable and maintainable

We know how to make a small (and fast) project that's strong enough to be the foundation of something bigger.

We’ve got to talk seriously!


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