Agile approach to Custom Software Development
At BraveGeeks, we do custom software development. It’s been said that project-management standards are lower for custom development than they are for product development by “in-house” teams. We disagree.
Why project estimations are always off
Anyone who works in software development is constantly being asked to provide estimates for projects. An estimate usually has to be given for both work hours and calendar days.
eSports TV app concept
Do you guys watch eSports championships? We do! Or maybe you have heard about eSports as a rising industry? 🎮
When Android is a better way to start?
The choice of first mobile platform to develop the app could be complicated.
UX/UI Case Study: Redesigning a Public Transportation App for a Large Touristic City
Many of those who visited Dubai know that its public transportation is far from being typical. There are many rules that are bound to the cultural background of the place. For example, did you know that men and women travel in separate carriages, and there are even the Golden Class carriages for the wealthier passengers? Or that you can only pay with a special Nol card for your ride?
Designing eSports for TV
The goal of the project was to develop a concept of an app that would be more than just something convenient for eSports fans but bring eSports into every living room.